GRILANDIA is a modern venue that draws in crowds of people.

They raise the standards for the whole cocktail experience with their decor, libations and staff.

It is easy to find because of its floral exterior but once you get inside you will be amazed by all of the delicious drinks that they have to offer.


The environment here is relaxing and friendly, created with the help of the attentive bar staff and the comfortable leather chairs.

It is no surprise that GRILANDIA'S bartender has won various awards for his  drinks.


The cocktail menu is extensive and has a wide range of flavours.


It changes each season, so you can return a few months later and find all new delicious drinks to try out and fall in love with. You can choose something light, tropical, herbaceous or even try out one of their unlikely combinations of flavours. There are no limits here at the GRILANDIA.


The bartenders create their own infusions for spirits creating a new vibe for the drinks. A cocktail that you must try is their famous “GRILANDIA”. It is a sweet and fruity drink with vanilla vodka, black raspberry liqueur, cranberry, lime, sugar and egg whites!